Welcome to the start of writing

This is the book I wrote after years of hard slog in the work place. Between phone calls at a call center. I almost gave up and then finally ‘getting’ it done

If you are after a ‘get rich quick’ scheme, then this is not the book for you. This is a story of sci Fi and fantasy and not another ‘drop ship’ and they will come story.

There is a real story developed through hardship ladies and gents!

My name is Albert Hugh, married and a father of two, and when it comes to writing we all know when kids are at home and chores for your loved ones, there is no peace.

Everyone who writes knows that to form Characters and ideas there has to be some available silence,

Now if you are a struggling writer I hope these nexted words will give you hope.

When I was being asked how did you find time to write, or form any content, my answer is always the same ‘just write’

Now it sounds nice and simple, and it is.

Stuck between, family, driving to work and actual work, you sometimes feel there is not enough time, hours or minutes in the day to focus.

My only answer to this nonsense of life was to form ideas was just before bed time, while I laid in bed, eyes shut I would think about story’s, plots and characters.

The very next day I would run around the family give the Mrs a peck on the cheek and drove to work for the daily bread.

With ideas formed and sat at my desk I opened a word document, my work entails of talking to customers on the phone, between each call I would get a minute or two before the next conversation, in essence I had hours of writing, just sporadically through the day, in a call center a small window to flesh out the characters and story, and of course like I said ‘just write’ and share you story’s


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